Archives - A Penny for a Song

by John Whiting

Directed by Michael McArdle

Saturday 1st – Saturday 8th October 1977 in the Auditorium

An hilarious yet thoughful comedy set in a Dorset garden in summer at the time of the Napoleonic invasion scare. John Whiting says that he wrote it “at a time of great personal happiness” and happiness has spilled over into the writing.

A distinguished and original play which provides splendid entertainment. Guaranteed to please.

Part of the Barn’s 1977/1978 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


William Humpage-George Davidson
Sir Timothy Bellboys-Clive Wiseman
Samuel Breeze-Stanley Meyrick
Lamprett Bellboys-Ron Thomas
Hester Bellboys-Avril Goring
Hallam Matthews-Brian Carman
Dorcas Bellboys-Jan Sayer
Pippin-Sarah-Jean Couzens
Edward Sterne-David Valler
Boy-Jim Couzens
Steve Thompson
George Selincourt-George Blee
Rev Brotherhood-Lewis Ford
James Giddy-Bill Couzens
Rufus Piggott-Simon Then-Bergh

Special Garden Effects by Welwyn Department Store

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