Archives - After Miss Julie

by Patrick Marber

Directed by Darren Barsby

Friday 21st – Saturday 29th November 2014 in the Auditorium

The power of wealth – or the power of sex?

Step inside the downstairs world of a privileged country home and discover that all is not as it seems. Escalating sexual and class tensions end in tragedy for Miss Julie in Patrick Marber’s reworking of Strindberg’s classic.

After Miss Julie is not a translation of Miss Julie but a version of it, moving the action from the original nineteenth-century Sweden to the England of 1945 – specifically to 26th July, the day of the Labour Party’s landslide election victory. Miss Julie is the daughter of an aristocrat who, drunk after a party, flirts with her father’s chauffeur John and sets in train a series of events that lead to tragedy. Class suspicions and resentments, the erotic collusion of the antagonists, the struggle against repressive social mores — all feature in this sharp, tense drama which combines Strindberg’s original vision with Patrick Marber’s own consummate skill in drawing believable and psychologically astute characters whose every word has point and deadly meaning.


Tickets are now available for just £11. Buy online or from the Box Office.

Backstage vacancies

Backstage roles for this production are listed on our vacancies page.

Part of the Barn’s 2014/2015 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Miss Julie-Josie Melton
John-Harry Harding
Christine-Kim Southey

Creative team

Director-Darren Barsby
Stage Manager-Agnelo Menezes
Assistant Stage Manager-Roger Eames
Lighting Design-Simon Wallace
Lighting Operator-Adam Lansberry
Costume-Georgia Heath
Set Design-Eric Farlie
Rehearsal Prompt-Anne Woolmington
Production Manager-Cara Evans
Production Assistant-Nina Archer


Friday 21st – Saturday 29th November 2014

Friday 21st November8.00pm 
Saturday 22nd November8.00pm 
Monday 24th November8.00pm 
Tuesday 25th November8.00pm 
Wednesday 26th November8.00pm 
Thursday 27th November8.00pm 
Friday 28th November8.00pm 
Saturday 29th November2.30pmMatinée
Saturday 29th November8.00pm 

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