Archives - An Evening of One Act Plays

The Man of Destiny by Bernard Shaw
Jack Flea’s Birthday Celebration by Ian McEwan
Audience by Vaclav Havel

The Man of Destiny directed by Jack Wood
Jack Flea’s Birthday Celebration directed by David Thompson
Audience directed by Julia Goodall

Thursday 15th – Saturday 17th November 1990 in the Auditorium

Part of the Barn’s 1990/1991 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club

The Man of Destiny

Napoleon Bonaparte-James Harper
Giuseppe-Ron Thomas
The Lieutenant-Stephen Mead
The Lady-Lesley Bilton
Director-Jack Wood
Stage Manager-Shirley Thompson
Assistant Stage Manager-Marion Canadine
Wardrobe-Marion Canadine
Production Secretary-Shirley Thompson

Jack Flea’s Birthday Celebration

David Lee-Simon Peers
Ruth-Jan Sayer
Mr Lee-Dick Breeze
Mrs Lee-Jo Davies
Director-David Thompson
Musical arrangements-Jill Jarman
Prompter-Peggy Thompson
Production Secretary-Sybil Thompson


Head Master-Lou Monzeglio
Ferdinand Vanek-David Harrold
Director-Julia Goodall
Backstage Assistants-Shirley Shaw
Kris Moore

Creative team

Technical Crew-Janet Lloyd
John Lloyd
Brenda Newey
Derek Palmer
Pat Walsh
Properties-Jean Amato
Sybil Thompson
Production Co-ordinator-Keith Bridgeman

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