Archives - Anyroad

by Glyn Maxwell

Directed by Jan Palmer Sayer

Friday 24th November – Saturday 2nd December 2000 in the Auditorium

The Matchwood Circus is one of the thirty-two best circuses in Southern England, but they can’t afford to rest on their laurels. They manage to recruit a new act — a brutal strongman who is assisted by a poor helper. She is befriended by the tightrope walker, and there, ladies and gentlemen, the trouble begins.

The play Anyroad is inspired by the film La Strada, which was made in 1954 by Frederico Fellini.

Part of the Barn’s 2000/2001 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Lackaday-Danny Swanson
The Mighty Zorbo-Ray Newton
Goldie-Louise Boniface
Reggie Matchwood-Sean Williams
George Winkler-James Maxwell
Olaf-Alan Southgate
Dr Redondo-Roger Wallsgrove
Margie Matchwood-Brenda Newey
Nini-Zoë Watkins
Belinda-Erica Hawken
Ivana-Jo Davies
Madame Jones-Orla Kennedy
A Wedding Guest-Alan Southgate
A Nun-Orla Kennedy

Creative team

Director-Jan Palmer Sayer
Stage Design- Grant
Lighting Design-Simon Turner
Music-Steve Brice
Stage Manager-Derek Palmer
Assistant Stage Manager-Martyn Jolly
Lighting Operator-Simon Wallace
Sound Operator-Rob Wallace
Wardrobe-Louise Howes
Fran Copeman
Properties-Angela Reiss
Prompter-Shirley Shaw
Production Secretary-Shirley Shaw

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