Archives - Arabian Nights

by Mary Zimmerman

Directed by Laura Eddy and John Keogh

Friday 8th – Saturday 16th May 2015 in the Auditorium

Exotic, sexy and funny – the stories of the Arabian Nights are as delicious and fragrant as Turkish Delight

Behind the minarets of Baghdad, shadowed against an inky night sky, King Shahryar discovers his wife in the arms of a slave. In a fit of rage, he kills them both on the carpets of the bed. From then on, every night he marries, loves and kills a virgin girl – so as never to be betrayed again.

But when he weds Scherherazade, she tells her king stories, the magical and exotic stories of the Arabian Nights. Stories of sex and prudishness; wealth gained and riches lost; stories of fidelity and lust; of love found and love lost; stories of mad men and angry women; of status deserved and undeserved. But what is Scherherazade’s fate? Will she live or die at the hand of her king?


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Part of the Barn’s 2014/2015 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Jester’s Wife-Rachel Thomas
Shahryar-Jude Kerswill
Scheherezade-Hope Eddy
Dunyazade-Krystle Hall
The Wazir-Godfrey Marriott
The Madman-Mark Skrebels
Harun-al-Rashid-Gavin Palmer
The girl in the garden-Kara Lee
Chief of Keys-Christine Mackinven
Sympathy the Learned-Karen Lee
Aziz’s Mother-Veronique Gasseau-Dryer
The other woman-Gemma Tanner
The Greengrocer-Andrew Read
Jafar-Cliff Francis
Boy-Joe Hogan
The Butcher-Ben Falkiner
The Sheikh-Tim Lee
Ensemble-Linda Miles
Richard Griffiths
Nina Archer


Musical Director-Rachel Thomas
Guitar-Gavin Palmer
Julian Maelzer
Flute and Woodwind-Annie Scott
Daniel Ephgrave
Percussion-Ben Falkiner
Tim Lee

Creative team

Director-Laura Eddy
John Keogh
Stage Manager-Trevor Watkins
Assistant Stage Manager-Devi Smart
Set Design-Rosemary Bianchi
Lighting-Derek Palmer
Sound-James Rowles
Costumes-Philippa Lusty
Props-Izabela Galwa


Friday 8th – Saturday 16th May 2015

Friday 8th May8.00pm 
Saturday 9th May8.00pm 
Monday 11th May8.00pm 
Tuesday 12th May8.00pm 
Wednesday 13th May8.00pm 
Thursday 14th May8.00pm 
Friday 15th May8.00pm 
Saturday 16th May2.30pm 
Saturday 16th May8.00pm 

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