Archives - Audition: Glorious!

by Peter Quilter

Directed by Hannah Sayer

Friday 23rd June 2017 at 7pm in Room One

Playing dates: 27th October to 4th November 2017

Glorious! by Peter Quilter is the story of the formidably fabulous Florence Foster Jenkins (try saying that after a beverage or two). Some of you may have heard of, or recently seen, the film Florence Foster Jenkins starring Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant – although I really enjoyed the film I have to say that the play is so much better, much more… colourful.

A brief synopsis of the story: set in New York in 1944, it’s based on the life of Florence Foster Jenkins, the legendary New York heiress and socialite who wanted to be a great operatic diva despite having one of the worst singing voices in history, and who used all her money, charm and unstoppable will power to make it happen. The soprano voice she hears in her head is beautiful and pure and it never occurs to her that this is not the sound issuing from her mouth…

A heart-warming play for music lovers and those who are tone deaf alike.


There are six amazing characters in the play (4F, 2M):

  • Florence Foster Jenkins – 60s/70s – American heiress, eccentric, enigmatic, energetic, endearing and engaging but can’t sing a note, bless her. Lovely comic role with some depth to really get your teeth stuck into. Will possibly be asked to sing in the audition so bring your best warble with you.
  • Cosme McMoon – early 30s – American male. Ideally I’m looking for a very good pianist to be able to actually play live and obviously act beautifully – Cosme has some wonderful one-liners and a very dry sense of humour but ultimately develops deep fondness for Florence, as they all do. Will be asked to play in the audition, however sheet music will be provided beforehand.
  • St Clair – 60s-ish – Florence’s very British ‘boyfriend’ ‘bursting at the seams with loud theatricality’, a really fun role to play.
  • Dorothy – 60’s-ish – Florence’s friend. Can be American or English (TBC). Rather eccentric and ditzy, and has a dog called Ricky…
  • Maria (one of my favourite characters in the play) – A Mexican cook and housemaid – can be any age but has to have a decent Spanish accent as she doesn’t speak any English. Very, very comic role.
  • Mrs Verrinder-Gedge – American, late middle age, bullish, feisty, bit of a bitch. Not a massive role but does have an impact.

Those are the main ones, however I may consider a couple of extra non-speaking parts to ‘stage-fill’ –
again TBC.

Playing dates are 27th October to 4th November with rehearsals spread throughout the summer. If you know that you have any holidays, please bring the dates with you to the audition.

I would ask that if you’d like to audition for Florence, please let us know ASAP which day you’d like to audition as I’ll need to arrange an audition pianist (any volunteers?) to accompany you.

Scripts are available from Lucy Winston.

Creative team

At the time of publication I’m still looking for the following backstage positions:

  • Production Manager
  • Wardrobe – I need a leading lady (or gent) and possibly another helper
  • Props – again leading lady (or gent) and possibly another helper. There will be some FABULOUS costumes and props.

If you fancy joining the team I can guarantee a laugh and Tunnock’s teacakes if nothing else. If you’re interested in helping out in ANY way, please email me, Hannah Sayer.


Hannah Sayer
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Lucy Winston

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