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by John Godber

Directed by Hannah Sayer

Wednesday 18th July 2018 at 7.30pm in the Studio

Playing dates: 16th-24th November 2018

Although it shares the same title, this is not the Madness musical! This is John Godber’s play Our House which was first performed in July 2001 (the Madness musical was a year later in October 2002). However, this production will be the ‘revised’ version from January 2008.

The story is about May, a widowed grandmother who is packing her belongings for a move to an apartment in Spain. She’s leaving the council house that she and her late husband bought for their retirement, in a West Yorkshire pit village. May’s memories live again through the play – the good, the sad and the quite spiky – and we see how their lives change through the ages (1958 to 2001).

This play is so different to what people usually expect from Godber (e.g. Bouncers and Shakers). It’s a naturalistic autobiographical play about his own parents, and what is particularly likeable is that he doesn’t write it with rose-tinted glasses. In some respects, he has been brutally honest about his own flaws, his inability to please his parents and aspects of revenge.

The set, costumes and staging will be amazing and diverse (having to cover a 40-year period) and for all members of the cast, the characters hold depth and challenge. An absolute must for any actor.


5m and 5f

  • May – A woman in her early seventies, whose memories start in 1958 and not only range to present-day but switch from one to the other. Requires a character actress, as she rarely leaves the stage, so every change in era must be done using physicality and mannerisms as opposed to costume (although some costume changes are planned). A fabulous part for any actor. You don’t have to be in your 70s to play this part but it does require someone who can change her physicality. Northern.
  • Ted – May’s husband. He is a memory will have the assistance of 50s/60s/70s costumes. Ted was generally a happy chap and would be a lovely character to develop. Again can be played by any age but must be able to change using physicality and mannerisms. Northern. Can be doubled with Lance.
  • Jack – Godber himself, one assumes, described as a tall thick-set man in his forties. Again, the character changes in age during the course of the play so there is no specific age range for Jack. Northern (can be softer in parts).
  • Sharon – Jack’s wife, shy but nice – late 20s. Comes into her own a bit in this play, so a nice development for her.
  • Steve – Present-day character, a young man who says he’s 25 (18-??). He’s the one moving the furniture, so there will be a bit of humping and shifting, used to be taught by Jack at school. Some cracking lines, very Northern.
  • Sonja – With a J. Present-day character or near enough, young woman in her early 20s, some would call her a slatern- Time to bring out your inner chav with her. Any accent. Can be doubled with Candace.
  • Les – Sonja’s husband. A dangerous wild-looking man, equally as chavvy as his Mrs and a bit of a lump. Can be doubled with Steve.
  • Candace – Jack’s agent’s assistant, she is HOT and American. Early 20s but no pushover.
  • Sylvia – Neighbour of old memory, bit of a drama queen, constantly thinks her husband has died and drags Ted off check. Ages as the play ages in memory so another physical change part. Probable playing age 30+, can be doubled with Sharon.
  • Lance – Huge and bizarrely dangerous looking man in his 50s. Small part at the end but gives everything a lovely shake-up.

Full cast read-through: Wednesday 25th July, location TBC.

Rehearsals will be three times per week starting early August – full timetable TBC.

Scripts are available from Hannah Sayer ( or Lucy Winston (


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