Archives - Audition: Pygmalion

by Bernard Shaw

Directed by Linda Dyne

Friday 16th March 2018 at 7.30pm in Room One

Playing dates: 15th-23rd June 2018


Pygmalion is one of Bernard Shaw’s most popular and durable plays. It concerns the stuffy British professor of phonetics who, on a bet and aided by his friend Colonel Pickering, tries to transform a Covent Garden flower girl’s speaking style from lower-class Cockney to proper English, with all it implies. The play has the exquisite timing and tenor of a sophisticated comedy of manners. Barely concealed beneath the story is a devastating satire of British class pretensions. The play was adapted as the musical My Fair Lady in the 1950s and its film version was made in 1964.


These are a guide only. Please feel free to interpret them as you see fit. Ages are approximate and acting ages! However, Doolittle has to be old enough to be Liza’s father and the same for Freddy and his mother, etc.

  • Professor Higgins - Henry Higgins is a 40(ish)-year-old bachelor who specialises in phonetics and who is an acclaimed authority on the subject of dialects, accents and phonetics.
  • Eliza Doolittle - An uneducated, uncouth guttersnipe. The flower girl whom Higgins (for a dare) decides to mould into a Duchess. She is probably 20 years younger than Higgins (again approximate age!)
  • Alfred Doolittle - Eliza’s father, a dustman with a sonorous voice, who proudly believes in his position as a member of the undeserving poor.
  • Colonel Pickering - A distinguished retired army officer and the author of spoken Sanskrit. He has come to England to meet the famous Professor Higgins. He is courteous and polite to Liza, and shares in Higgins’ experiments in phonetics in teaching Eliza to speak as a Duchess.
  • Mrs Higgins - Henry Higgins’ mother, who thoroughly loves her son but also thoroughly disapproves of his manners, his language and his social behaviour.
  • Mrs Eynsford-Hill - A lady of the upper middle class who is in a rather impoverished condition but is still clinging to her gentility.
  • Clara Eynsford-Hill - Her daughter; she tries to act the role of the modern, advanced young person.
  • Freddie Eynsford-Hill - Her son; he is a pleasant young man who is enchanted by Eliza upon first meeting her.
  • Mrs Pearce - Professor Higgins’ housekeeper of long standing. She is the one who first sees the difficulty of what is to happen to Eliza after Higgins and Pickering have finished their experiment
    with her.

There are several other small character parts. Those people who would like to try out for these: please let me know and come along to the audition days. We will give out appropriate script parts on the day. Scripts available from Linda Dyne.


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