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by Andrew Bovell / Frantic Assembly

Sunday 15th July 2018 at 10am

Playing dates: 19th to 27th October 2018

Bovell is good on the daily frictions of family life, the little psychological dramas that lie under the seemingly smooth surface. And he understands the way that parents feel beached by the tides of change. ‘It wasn’t meant to be like this,’ says the father, Bob, sadly. ‘I thought they’d be like us. But better than us. Better versions of us.’ What’s On Stage

Things I Know to be True
  • is a bloody good play!
  • tells the story of a family and marriage through the eyes of four grown siblings struggling to define themselves beyond their parents’ love and expectations.
  • is about love in many of its forms. At times comforting and supportive. At others suffocating and destructive. But always love.
  • is a physical piece of theatre combining elements of movement and some dance with naturalism; it will be a real challenge for the actor.
  • is a true ensemble piece. Actors will have their moments but all will contribute to the telling of this story.
  • will be a challenge for the lighting and sound team: both elements are integral to the production.
  • Bob Price (55), father of the Price family. He has taken early retirement and become a very keen gardener. He is a family man and his children are his prized possessions – closely followed by his roses.
  • Fran Price (50), Fran is the mother of the Price Family. She is a senior nurse who loves her job and her family, but is frustrated by them both. She has stayed married to Bob for the sake of their children but has desires to escape the confines of their lives and seek out adventure.
  • Pip Price (early 30s), Pip is the eldest daughter and mother to two children. Too much like her mother, hence they argue. Not yet married – has the courage to leave the life she has known.
  • Mark Price (mid-30s), eldest of the Price children and probably one of the hardest roles to play. He starts the play as Mark but during the course of the year transitions to become Mia. Like Pip, Mark flies the nest to start his ‘new’ life away from his family.
  • Ben Price (late 20s), the apple of his mother’s eye and seemingly successful. Works in finance in the city and possesses all of the trappings of the single man about town. Required to have a physical fight with Bob.
  • Rosie Price (19ish), the youngest child and the character through whose eyes we see most of the drama unfold. She doesn’t know who she wants to be yet, and begins the play having returned from a European adventure.

Please note: although the play is set in Australia, I am not expecting Australian accents.


Auditions are open to all members and ages listed above are there as a guide rather than an exact number: please do not be put off by them if you do not quite fit. The important part is to get the balance correct and for the group to look like a family.

To book an audition slot, please contact either myself, or Sue Talbot and let us know which date you would like to attend, and which character(s) you intend to audition for.

Auditions will last about 15 minutes during which you will be asked to deliver part of a monologue (we will provide you with the relevant section in advance but we are not expecting you to learn it). You will also be asked to read a couple of sections, most likely with myself, and we will need to have an idea of your physicality – ability to lift or be lifted will be critical.


At the time of writing, I am still in need of a complete crew: stage manager, wardrobe, etc. This production will offer a fantastic challenge and opportunity to both lighting and sound designers. It also requires someone who knows a thing or two about roses and can help maintain them during the run.

Please get in touch if you would like to get involved.

For further information, request a copy of the script and book an audition slot, please contact the Director or Production Manager.


Simon Wallace
Telephone: 07875 423550
Send email: 

Sue Talbot
Production Manager
Telephone: 07930 193198
Send email: 

Auditions for all productions

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