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Wednesday 9th – Sunday 13th September 2015 in the Auditorium

Five evenings of music, comedy and drama

A great selection of one-night-only performances at The Barn.

  • Wednesday 9th - 8pm £12
    Footsteps from the Past
    Footsteps from the Past
    Hosted by Elliot Brown

    A nostalgic evening looking back at the area - WGC and the Barn Theatre
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  • Thursday 10th - 8pm £12
    Irrational Theatre - Abigail's Party
    Abigail’s Party - Irrational Theatre
    A play by Mike Leigh
    A hilarious evening of domestic hell in the guise of a suburban drinks soirée
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  • Friday 11th - 8pm £14
    An autumn mix of musical delights.
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  • Saturday 12th - 8pm £16
    Bette Midler and Me
    Bette Midler and Me
    A tribute to Jewish legend Bette Midler
    Sue Kelvin stars in a show covering the life and songs of the Divine Miss M from the perspective of a life-long fan.
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  • Sunday 13th - 8pm £14
    The Perfect Picnic
    The Perfect Picnic - Opera on the Run
    by Tim Armstrong Taylor and Ian Bloomfield.
    Music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    The perfect Picnic is to opera what the iPod is to the gramophone
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Tickets are now available. Buy online or from the Box Office.

Book for all five evenings and pay just £50 - a saving of £18 on individual tickets.


Wednesday 9th – Sunday 13th September 2015

Wednesday 9th September8.00pmFootsteps from the Past
Thursday 10th September8.00pmAbigail’s Party
Friday 11th September8.00pmRhythms
Saturday 12th September8.00pm Bette Midler and Me
Sunday 13th September8.00pmThe Perfect Picnic

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