Archives - Caught Gauguin Bowled Cezanne

by Clive Wiseman

Directed by Lesley Keith

Saturday 16th – Saturday 23rd March 1974 in the Auditorium

Set in a villa in the south of France, this new comedy-farce poses urgent problems relevant to our time. What happened to Ed’s moustache? Can Michael’s cricket team beat the Bordighera crowd? Are grasshoppers and Herr Rossenberg compatible? Why do the Mafia come through the melon frames? But great art always poses more questions than it answers.


  • Hertford - 24th April
    • Placed Second
    • Audience Appreciation Award

Part of the Barn’s 1973/1974 season and a festival entry

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Michael Darlington-Keith Pinhorne
Millie Darlington-Isla Petch
Terry-Tim Gibson
Kate-Jean Bench
Reverend Williams-Don Hocking
Colonel-Stan Stokes
Ed-Keith Thompson
Herr Russenberg-David Shaw
Father Ignace-John Lloyd

Original masterpieces by the art staff and members of the Sixth Form of Stanborough School. Hair Stylist - Mr Terence of Antone

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