Archives - Dark of the Moon

by Howard Richardson and William Berney

Directed by Keith Thompson

Saturday 26th April – Saturday 3rd May 1975 in the Auditorium

A tragic fantasy love-story set amongst the hill-billies of the Smokey Mountains, where a witch-boy falls in love with a village girl, but is rejected by the superstitious villagers.

The play includes a great deal of music — folk song, square-dancing and revivalist hymn-singing.

Part of the Barn’s 1974/1975 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


John-Robert Harper
Conjur’ Man-John Lloyd
Witches-Brenda Newey
Joan Wilson
Gill Millinger
Carol Hyde
Conjur’ Woman-Peggy Edgerley
Hank Gudger-Andrew James
Miss Metcalfe-Sheila Foxon
Uncle Smelicue-Alan Corlett
Mrs Summey-Marion Canadine
Edna Summey-Rosemary Hayes
Atkins-Mark Blatherwick
Mrs Bergen-Beryl Blatherwick
Burt Dinwitty-Robert Jones
Hattie Hefner-Carole Couzens
Mr Summey-George Davidson
Marvin Hudgens-Graham Ford
Barbara Allen-Barbara Shepherd
Floyd Allen-Chris Tridgell
Mrs Allen-Joan Burgess
Mr Allen-Desmond Harper
Preacher Haggler-Michael McArdle
Greeny Gorman-Yolande Pasquali
Jenkins-Lewis Ford
Ella Bergen-Joy Blatherwick
Miss Leafy-Daphne Jones
Hannah Green-Carol Marks
Children-Karen Shaw
Kate Farlie
Jo Shaw
Julia Wilson
Duncan Price

Creative team

Director-Keith Thompson
Stage Manager-Stella Taylor
Assistant Stage Managers-Janet Lloyd
Gloria Moseley
Properties-Mel Knights
Jean Ball
Prompter-Lilian Allman
Set Design and Construction-Eric Farlie
Pam Farlie
Len Price
Clyde Wilson
Lighting-Eric Farlie
Pam Farlie
Sound-Derek Palmer
Costumes-Pauline Thacker
Dance Adviser-Carole Couzens
Front of House-George Blee
Box Office-Sylvia Pepper
Assistant Producer-Peggy Thompson

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