Archives - Don’t Just Lie There, Say Something

by Michael Pertwee

Directed by Eric Chorley

Friday 9th – Saturday 17th July 2004 in the Auditorium

This rib-tickler, originally a Theatre of Laughter production, is set in Whitehall, where a leading politician is heading a campaign against permissiveness. He finds himself compromised, and in a frantic attempt to avoid discovery, gets involved with junior colleagues, the police, political agents, opposition MPs, urban guerillas, and a bevy of secretaries. Events lead to a hilarious climax.

Part of the Barn’s 2003/2004 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Sir William Mainwaring-Brown MP-Dick Breeze
Barry Ovis-Geoffrey Spencer
Inspector Ruff-Mark Crampton
Wilfred Potts MP-John Davies
Giselle Parkyn-Linda Vincent
Jean Fenton-Beth Smith
Wendy-Christine Mackinven
Damina-Julia Ryan
Caretaker-Keith Grewcock

Creative team

Director-Eric Chorley
Set Design-Mike Goring
Set Construction-Pat Finch
Mike Goring
Norman Merry
Stage Manager-Norman Merry
Assistant Stage Manager-Peter Anderson
Lighting-Ross Wilcox
Sound-Jamie Shirra
Wardrobe-Davina Foster
Prompt-Janet While
Carol Monzeglio
Production Secretary-Joan Bird

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