Archives - Habeas Corpus

by Alan Bennett

Directed by Keith Thompson

Saturday 15th – Saturday 22nd March 1980 in the Auditorium

…like seeing an animated McGill postcard, in which the captions have been written by an elegant verbal stylist; farce it is, but with such witty and literate lines as never before. We meet a family and their friends for whom the determination to put bodily satisfaction before everything else leads them through a maze of mistaken identities and sexual encounters. As Dr Wicksteed observes, “He who lusts last, lasts longest”.


  • Hertford
    • Placed Second

Part of the Barn’s 1979/1980 season and a festival entry

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Arthur Wicksteed-James Maxwell
Muriel Wicksteed-Mariam Rodway
Dennis Wicksteed-Dave Goodall
Constance Wicksteed-Lesley Valler
Mrs Swabb-Beryl Blatherwick
Canon Throbbing-Alan Corlett
Lady Rumpers-Anne Woolmington
Felicity Rumpers-Julia Wilson
Mr Shanks-David Valler
Sir Percy Shorter-Ray Hill
Mr Purdue-Eric Chorley

Creative team

Director-Keith Thompson
Stage Manager-Joan Wilson
Assistant Stage Manager-Gloria Moseley
Setting-Clyde Wilson
Shirley Austin
Lighting-Derek Palmer
Brenda Newey
Dave Goodall
Wardrobe-Elaine Lummis
Properties-Belinda Putley
Sue Burgon
Sound-Eric Farlie
Pam Farlie
Piano-David Meek
Prompter-Marion Canadine
Box Office-Joan Parsons
Production Secretary-Gill Millinger

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