Jeanne Bridges



February 1985

Private Lives



March 1978

The Caucasian Chalk Circle

Members of the Cast


October 1977

A Penny for a Song

Set Design


October 1976

Dear Antoine



March 1974

Caught Gauguin Bowled Cezanne

Impressionist Masterpieces


September 1973

The Aspern Papers

Mrs Priest / Set Design


December 1972

The Dutch Courtesan

Set Painter


June 1972

Lord I was Afraid

An Arty Woman


April 1972

Lock Up Your Daughters

Set Design and Painting


November 1971

The Flip Side

Set Building and Painting


February 1971

Barefoot in the Park

Set Painting


November 1969

Trelawny of the Wells

Clara De Foenix