Archives - King Lear

by William Shakespeare

Directed by Hugh Croydon

Wednesday 1st – Saturday 11th May 1974 in the Auditorium

One of the world’s most famous plays. The unforgettable story of two old men who in their crass stupidity have to be taught how to love, and who have to pay for their stupidity with such titanic suffering. The story of two sons and three daughters and of their tragic fathers; of indescribable evil and of unbelievable good; of physical cruelty and lust and of spiritual self-sacrifice.

Part of the Barn’s 1973/1974 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


King Lear-Michael McArdle
King of France-John Arthur
Duke of Burgundy-Tim Gibson
Duke of Cornwall-David Shaw
Duke of Albany-George Blee
Earl of Kent-Neil Gill
Earl of Gloucester-Eric Chorley
Edgar-George Davidson
Edmund-Jon Nixon
Oswald-Desmond Harper
Old Man-Michael McKever
Doctor-Stanley Meyrick
Lear’s Fool-John Lloyd
Gentleman-Peter Dewey
Goneril-Joan Goodwin
Regan-Mariam Rodway
Cordelia-Jo Davies
Knights, Officers, Soldiers, Attendants etc-Tim Gibson
Terry Rogers
Chris Stephens
Lawrence Wheatley
Michael McKever

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