Archives - Lysistrata

by Aristophanes

Directed by Diana Birrell

Saturday 30th September – Saturday 7th October 1972 in the Auditorium

This play was written at the height of the wars between Athens and Sparta. Aristophanes’ idea to stop the fighting is both brilliant and simple. He asks the women on both sides to call a sexual strike to bring the men to a standstill. The English version by Dudley Fitt is both hilariously funny and immensely enjoyable.

Part of the Barn’s 1972/1973 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Lysistrata-Lilian Allman
Kalnike-Joan Wilson
Myrrhine-Jean McKercher
Lampite/Third Woman/Chorus-Jean Bench
Chorus Leader/Korinthian-Peggy Edgerley
Boiotian/Chorus-Sandra Davies
A Woman/Chorus-Pamela Hulse
Manaes/Supporter/Chorus-Angela Bainbridge
Stratyllis/Chorus-Sheila Foxon
An Old Woman/Chorus-Janet Lloyd
First Woman/Chorus-Helen Paulson
Second Woman/Supporter/Chorus-Brenda Newey
Myrrhine’s Child-Tracey Oliver
Commissioner-Neil Gill
Kinesias-John Hyde
Chorus Leader-Lewis Ford
Spartan Ambassador/A Drunk/Chorus-Thomas Clarke
Spartan Herald/A Spartan/Chorus-Tom Gammell
A Man/Sentry/Constable/Chorus-George Blee
An Athenian/Chorus-Ron Jolly
Choragos/Constable/Chorus-Guy Martin
Athenian Commissioner/Chorus-Nicholas Brummitt
Chorus-Jeremy Secker

Creative team

Director-Diana Birrell
Stage Manager-Pam Farlie
Assistant Stage Manager-Don Hocking
Production Designer-David Shepherd
Set Construction-Clyde Wilson
Stephen Wilson
Lighting-John Cunningham
Pamela Gibson
Properties-Janet Lloyd
Prompter-Christine Gammell
Wardrobe-Irene Gill
Carol Hyde
Jean Bench
Sound-John Ball
Musical Arrangers-Diana Birrell
Tony Mash
Box Office-Shirley Shaw
House Manager-Tony Avison
Production Manager-Pam Farlie
Production Secretary-Christine Gammell

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