Archives - Picnic

by William Inge

Directed by Carole Couzens

Saturday 6th – Saturday 13th March 1982 in the Auditorium

A Pulitzer Prize-winning play about the effect a virile vagabond has on a group of women in a small Kansas town.

Inge, whose other work includes the better known Come Back Little Sheba, and Bus Stop, was a master of well-made, realistic drama informed by his intimate knowledge of small town life and illuminated by his skill in expressing the deep yearnings — and guilts — of simple people. He was born in Independence Kansas in 1913 and died in 1973. Picnic was written in 1953.

Part of the Barn’s 1981/1982 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Helen Potts-Peggy Edgerley
Hal Carter-Guy Warren
Millie Owens-Helen Davies
Bomber-Steve Thompson
Madge Owens-Shân Fisher
Flo Owens-Belinda Putley
Rosemary Sydney-Jo Davies
Alan Seymour-Steve Jacobs
Irma Kronkite-Sylvia Townend
Christine Schoenwalder-Janet Lloyd
Howard Bevans-Keith Thompson

Creative team

Director-Carole Couzens
Stage Manager-Andrew Gilchrist
Assistant Stage Managers-Beryl Blatherwick
Howard Partridge
Lighting-Denys Wells
Ian Claxton
Sound-David McCallum
Properties-Heather Freeman
Kris Moore
Costume-Wendy Bowen
Jean Amato
Sue Walters
Set Design-Don Fisher
Set Construction-Stephen Wilson
Clyde Wilson
Ian Diplock
Members of The Barn Theatre Club
Set Painting-Shirley Austin
Prompter-Peggy Thompson
Choreographer-Deborah Thompson
Production Secretary-Shirley Thompson

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