Archives - Red Noses

by Peter Barnes

Directed by Jan Palmer Sayer

Friday 30th April – Saturday 8th May 1999 in the Auditorium

In 14th Century France the population is being decimated by the Black Death. Flote, an errant monk, forms a band of street-entertainers to boost morale or help you die laughing!

A brilliantly written black comedy, premiered by the RSC in 1985.

Part of the Barn’s 1998/1999 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Viennet-Simon Wallace
Moncriff-Janaka Fernando
Evaline-Erica Hawken
Bonville-Keith Thompson
Madame Bonville-Rachel Shaw
Dr Aantrechau-Bryan Rycroft
Flote-Sandy Underwood
Grez-Patrick Sunners
Scarron-Jan Palmer Sayer
Druce-Mark Ratcliffe
Sonnerie-Mark O'Sullivan
Archbishop Monslet-John Davies
Father Toulon-Danny Swanson
Jean Mistral-John Cook
Brodin-Alan Southgate
Rochfort-Patrick Sunners
Marguerite Delair-Zoë Watkins
Le Franc-Keith Thompson
Pellico-Bryan Rycroft
Camille-Rachel Shaw
Marie-Erica Hawken
Le Grue-John Cook
Bembo-James Daniel
Frapper-James Doyle
Alain Boutros-Simon Wallace
Jacgues Boutros-Janaka Fernando
Count Vasques-Keith Thompson
Bigod-Keith Thompson
Sabine-Rachel Shaw
Patris-Bryan Rycroft
Mother Metz-Brenda Newey
Herald-Erica Hawken
Pope Clement VI-Alan Southgate
Other roles-Members of The Company

Creative team

Director-Jan Palmer Sayer
Setting- Grant
Martyn Jolly
Paul Molyneux
Brenda Newey
Wardrobe-Janet While
Shirley Thompson
Sybil Thompson
Original Music-Rob Wallace
Lighting-Simon Turner
Stage Manager-Derek Palmer
Assistant Stage Manager-Lisa Wilson
Properties-Angela Reiss
Prompter-Gill Millinger
Production Secretary-Shirley Thompson

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