Archives - Same Time Next Year

by Bernard Slade

Directed by Joan Goodwin

Friday 18th – Saturday 26th March 1994 in the Auditorium

George picks up Doris in a California Inn in 1951 and they agree to meet there once a year. They are both happily married, have children and remain loyal to their spouses except for their yearly brief encounter. We meet the pair six times — once every five years.

George is an upright neurotic accountant who becomes a latter-day hippie and finally returns to the establishment. Doris goes through a variety of changes before becoming a settled matron. Their transitions never synchronise — making for pointed contrasts.

The New York Times described this “delicious and very moral kind of immoral play” as “the funniest comedy about love and adultery to come Broadway’s way in years”.


  • Hertford Theatre Week - 26th April
    • Placed First
    • Audience Appreciation Award

Part of the Barn’s 1993/1994 season and a festival entry

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club

Creative team

Director-Joan Goodwin
Design- Grant
Lighting-Steve Hunt
Sound-Stephen Wilson
Stage Manager-Louis Davis
Assistant Stage Manager-Mariam Rodway
Marjorie Then-Bergh
Maureen Gilmour
Belinda Putley
Film Interludes-Stephen Wilson
Wardrobe-Kris Moore
Alex Powell
Anne Classey
Hair Stylist-Dianne Sells
Set Construction- Grant
John Goodwin
Production Secretary-Sylvia Pepper

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