Archives - The Constant Couple

by George Farquhar

Directed by Roy Brewer

Saturday 17th – Saturday 24th April 1971 in the Auditorium

A lively and rather bawdy late-Restoration comedy of intrigue, impersonation and the eager pursuit of the opposite sex. A warm and good-natured play by the same pen which wrote The Beaux Strategem and The Recruiting Officer and it is a worthy companion to these evergreen comedies.

Part of the Barn’s 1970/1971 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Vizard-John Arthur
Smuggler-Stanley Meyrick
Col Standard-Tony Avison
Sir Harry Wildair-Keith Thompson
Clincher Snr.-Mike Davies
Clincher Jnr.-John Lloyd
Dicky-Arthur Classey
Tom Errand-Joe Lawrence
Servant and Footman-John Hyde
Constable and Footman-George Blee
Butler and Jailer-Derek Palmer
Lady Lurewell-Bernardine Bradshaw
Lady Darling-Marjorie Then-Bergh
Agelica-Sue Horner
Parly-Rina Blackman
Citizens and Dancers-Jane Barnwell
Peggy Edgerley
Glenda Evans
Carol Hyde
Julia Tester
Musicians-Elizabeth Downing
Miss Harris
Miss Mobey

Creative team

Director-Roy Brewer
Stage Managers-Derek Palmer
Brenda Newey
Electricians-Andrew Gilchrist
Stephen Wilson
Properties-Noreen Stubbs
Refreshments-Joan Dobbyn
Prompter-Olive Hammerton
Sound-Carole Muscroft
Production Secretary-Carolyn Annand
Set Design and Construction-Michael McKever
Don Fisher
Costumes-Janet While
Wendy Bowen
Janet Lloyd
Margaret McKever
Music arranged-Ray Aspey
Mike Davies
Dancing Devised-Marjorie Bailey
Front of House-Derek Bradshaw
Box Office-Sheila Foxon
Publicity-Brian Jolly
Roy Brewer
Business Manager-Pam Farlie

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