Archives - The Crucible

by Arthur Miller

Directed by Simon Wallace and Andy Nash

Friday 14th – Saturday 22nd November 2003 in the Auditorium

Passion, jealousy, paranoia, betrayal and evil come to life in one of the greatest plays of the twentieth century. In the small Puritan town of Salem, where one’s life is dedicated to the service of God, several girls are accused of engaging in the “Devil’s Work”. One girl, Abigail Williams, her innocence lost in the bed of John Proctor, a married farmer, drinks a charm to kill his wife. As time goes by the village becomes consumed by cries of witchcraft. One by one, the blameless victims of this mass hysteria are torn from their homes until, inexorably, Abigail’s vengeance is turned on Proctor’s wife.

Part of the Barn’s 2003/2004 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Goody Osborn-Jan Palmer Sayer
Mercy Lewis-Helen Robertson
Joanna Preston-Sally Worby
Hannah Brown-Lauren Sorano
Abigail Williams-Rachel Wallace
Ruth Putman-Amanda Tymms
Susanna Wallcott-Diana Thirring
Mary Warren-Louise Boniface
Betty Parris-Lauren Christy
Reverend Parris-Keith Bridgeman
Ann Putman-Lou Robinson
Thomas Putman-Dan Breeze
John Proctor-Alan Southgate
Rebecca Nurse-Belinda Putley
Giles Corey-Norman Reynolds
Reverend Hale-Andy Howell
Elizabeth Proctor-Loretta Freeman
Ezekiel Cheever-Geoffrey Spencer
Marshall Herrick-Lou Robinson
Judge Hathorne-Jan Palmer Sayer
Judge Danforth-Jim Markey

Creative team

Director-Simon Wallace
Andy Nash
Original Music-Ian Cullen
Lighting Design-Andrew Whyment
Stage Manager-Martyn Jones
Deputy Stage Manager-Trevor Watkins
Lighting Operator-Andrew Whyment
Sound Operator-Ian Cullen
Rob Wallace
Costumes-Margaret Wallace
Janet While
Properties-George Marsh
Angela Bailey
Set Construction-Trevor Watkins
Eva Watkins
Alan Wallace
Martyn Jones
Members of The Barn Theatre Club
Production Manager-Eva Watkins
Thanks-Jane Coe
Joy Belcher
Eric Farlie
Paul Molyneux
Jon Vivash
Trevor Wallace

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