Archives - The Diary of Anne Frank

Dramatised by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett

Directed by Joan Goodwin

Saturday 1st – Saturday 8th December 1973 in the Auditorium

The story of Anne Frank, the Jewish girl who died in a German concentration camp, is now so well known that it needs very little introduction. The story tells of eight people who, being Jews, went into hiding during the Nazi occupation of Holland. But the play does more than isolate a section of life, it reminds us that freedom is never quite precluded, good never totally obscure in the heart of man. One of the finest pieces of drama ever written.

Part of the Barn’s 1973/1974 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Mr Frank-Louis Davis
Miep Gies-Jean McKercher
Mrs Van Daan-Valerie Coles
Mr Van Daan-Ernest Hooper
Peter Van Daan-Nicholas Brummitt
Mrs Frank-Irene Gill
Margot Frank-Linda Parrott
Anne Frank-Julia Tester
Anne Frank Understudy-Jo Davies
Mr Kraler-Keith Thompson
Mr Dussel-Peter Duggan

Creative team

Director-Joan Goodwin
Stage Manager-Stella Taylor
Assistant Stage Manager-Gloria Moseley
Set Design-David Shepherd
Set Construction-John Goodwin
Members of The Barn Theatre Club
Lighting-Denys Wells
Brenda Newey
Sound-John Cunningham
Properties-Maureen Gilmour
Sheila Foxon
Belinda Putley
Wardrobe-Wendy Bowen
Sue Warren
Nicola Woodman Viccars
Prompter-Marjorie Then-Bergh
Box Office-Fearnley Vine
House Manager-George Blee
Production Secretary-Sylvia Pepper

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