Archives - The Magistrate

by Arthur Wing Pinero

Directed by Michael McKever

Saturday 20th – Saturday 27th October 1973 in the Auditorium

London in the Naughty Nineties! From the respectable Bloomsbury residence of Mr Posket the Magistrate to the dubious Hotel des Princes in Meek Street, and on to the Mulberry Street police court. The pace is fast, the situations hilarious and improbable. With humour, romance, some quite increditable coincidences and no fewer than three London policemen, this is Pinero at his most entertaining.

Part of the Barn’s 1973/1974 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Beatie-Carol Hyde
Cis Farringdon-John Lloyd
Wyke-Nigel West
Popham-Janet While
Agatha Posket-Noreen Stubbs
Mr Posket-Eric Chorley
Mr Bullamy-Arthur Classey
Charlotte-Mariam Rodway
Isidore-Sunil Nehru
Achille Bond-Eric Bell
Col Lukyn-Ron Jolly
Capt Vale-George Blee
Inspector Messiter-Thomas Clarke
Constable Harris-Don Hocking
Sergeant Lugg-Stan Stokes
Wormington-Lewis Ford

Creative team

Director-Michael McKever
Assistant Director-Lilian Allman
Stage Manager-Brian Moseley
Assistant Stage Managers-Betty Thomas
Brian Duffy
Set Design-Michael McKever
Set Construction-Brian Duffy
Members of The Barn Theatre Club
Décor-Denise Duffy
Furnishing-Miriam Hill
Lighting-Robert Gill
John Cunningham
Sound-Lynn Gill
Properties-Jean Bench
Joy Blatherwick
Beryl Blatherwick
Costumes and Wardrobe-Margaret McKever
Kathleen Lloyd
Sylvia Pepper
Pauline Thacker
Sue Warren
Prompter-Peggy Thompson
Production Secretary-Joan Wilson
Box Office-Shirley Shaw
House Manager-George Blee

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