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by Peter Nichols

Directed by Keith Thompson

Saturday 6th – Saturday 13th February 1982 in the Auditorium

Sub-titled “Nurse Norton’s Affair”, this play paints a portrait of British hospital life as, perhaps, it really is — earthy humour shot through with anxiety and genuine, though only cautiously admitted, concern for those trapped with strangers in an unfamiliar milieu.

Laughter and tears. A vivid example of Peter Nichols’s power to put modern Britain on the stage.

Part of the Barn’s 1981/1982 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Rees-Ron Jolly
Tyler-Graham Showell
Ash-Alan Corlett
Foster-Dave Davis
Ken-Neil Richardson
Flagg-Neville Austin
Loach-John Lloyd
Mackie-Ted Garland

Nursing Staff

Matron-Mariam Rodway
Sister McPhee-Hazel Fermor
Staff Nurse Norton-Wendy Bage
Nurse Sweet-Carol Monzeglio
Nurse Lake-Joan Wilson
Oriental Nurse-Raymonde Fauchard
Barnet-Dave Goodall
Michael-Danny Swanson


Mr Boyd-Neil Gill
Neil-Alun Maxwell
Dr Bird-Julia Wilson
Indian Doctor-Louis Davis

Other Cast

Old Woman-Anne Woolmington
Chaplain-George Blee
Nurses-Denise Duffy
Judy Freeman
Visitors-Kay Coppock
Jean Read
Tony Iliffe

Creative team

Director-Keith Thompson
Stage Manager-Robert Gill
Assistant Stage Manager-Heather Palmer
Lighting-Eric Farlie
Pam Farlie
Sound-Tony Iliffe
Properties-Denise Duffy
Judy Freeman
Technical Advisor-Anne Dais
Wardrobe-Anne Classey
Doreen Dawson
Set Construction-Ken Coppock
Peter Wade
Richard Read
Jonathan Shaw
Sabine Muller
Marlies Beyerle
Prompters-Kay Coppock
Mariam Rodway
Production Secretary-Gill Millinger

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