Archives - The Sea

by Edward Bond

Directed by Danny Swanson

Friday 29th March – Saturday 6th April 1996 in the Auditorium

The Sea is a compassionate comedy, about a tragedy and human beings’ ability to adapt in order to survive.

The drowning of a young man and the arrival of his companion, Willy, in a close-knit coastal town has a profound impact on the town’s inhabitants. Hatch, the town draper, believes the stranger is a manifestation from outer space and plots to get rid of him. Willy turns to Evens, a wise beachcomber, for advice: “Don’t give up hope, that’s always silly. The truth’s waiting for you, it’s very patient and you’ll find it”.

Part of the Barn’s 1995/1996 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Willy Carson-Sandy Underwood
Evens-Bryan Rycroft
Hatch-Roy Archer
Hollarcut-Rob Wallace
Vicar-James Harper
Carter-Joe Swanson
Thompson-Steve Morris
Louise Rafi-Judith Claxton
Rose Jones-Lucy Weston
Jessica Tilehouse-Wendy Bage
Mafanwy Price-Julie Hulland
Jilly-Zoë Watkins
Rachel-Brenda Newey
Miss Happisburgh-Davina Stubbs

Creative team

Director-Danny Swanson
Set Design-Eric Farlie
Lighting Design-Simon Turner
Sound Design-Rob Wallace
Stage Manager-Mark Owens
Assistant Stage Manager-Nigel Rive
Tim Millard
Julia Bridgeman
Margaret Hakansson
Costumes-Lou Underwood
Jo Lloyd
Juliet Harper
Properties-Sue Walters
Carolyn Annand
Lighting Operation-Simon Wallace
Sound Operation-Jimmy Wong
Set Construction-Eric Farlie
Keith Collingwood
Brian Duffy
Don Fisher
Harrold Muncey
John Walters
Poster Design-Jenny Collingwood
Production Secretary-Wendy Bage

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