Archives - The Seagull

by Anton Chekhov

Directed by Ray Aspey

Saturday 30th October – Saturday 6th November 1971 in the Auditorium

The Seagull was written in 1895. It was described by Chekhov as a “comedy in four acts, a landscape (a view of the lake), much talk about literature and five tons of love”. It was also a challenge to the artificial theatre of the day against which Chekhov introduced a new ‘naturalism’ and real, instead of artificial, characters.

Part of the Barn’s 1971/1972 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Irena Arkadina-Lilian Allman
Konstantin Trepliov-John Hyde
Piotr Sorin-Roy Brewer
Nina Zaryechnaia-Nicola Woodman
Ilyia Shamrayev-Neil Gill
Polena Andryeevna-Vaughan Meyrick
Masha-Anne Woolmington
Boris Trigorin-David Shaw
Yevgheniy Dorn-Stanley Meyrick
Yakov-Arthur Classey
Housemaid-Jane Baatz
Cook-Ruth Bunce

Creative team

Director-Ray Aspey
Stage Manager-Eric McKercher
Assistant Stage Managers-Jean McKercher
Tim Gibson
Brian Moseley
Set Design-Ron Jolly
Set Building-Andrew Gilchrist
David Newsham
Members of The Barn Theatre Club
Set Painting-Nancy Teather
Lighting-Derek Ritchie
John Lloyd
Sound-Chris Ivory
Properties-Pamela Gibson
Maureen Gilmour
Costumes-Wendy Bowen
Judith Claxton
Pauline Thacker
Carol Hyde
Prompter-Ruth Bunce

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