Archives - The Sound of Murder

by William Fairchild

Directed by Derek Ritchie

Saturday 6th – Saturday 13th March 1971 in the Auditorium

A cast of six reveal the secrets of this ingenious thriller. The murderer is known, but can murder be foolproof? Nail-biting tension is maintained throughout the play. The very unusual twist in the tail provides the answer.

Part of the Barn’s 1970/1971 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Charles Norbury-Tim Gibson
Anne Norbury-Elizabeth Downing
Peter Marriott-David Burgess
Miss Forbes-Pamela Gibson
Inspector Davidson-Bill Manning
Police Constable Nash-Joe Lawrence

Creative team

Director-Derek Ritchie
Production Manager-Pam Farlie
Production Secretary-Shirley Thompson
Stage Manager-Stella Taylor
Assistant Stage Managers-John Cunningham
Pam Farlie
Set Designer-Janet Aspey
Set Construction-Edgar Rogers
Artwork-Beth Rogers
Lighting-Louis Davis
Christopher Wright
Sound-Ann Ritchie
John Cunningham
Costumes-Pauline Thacker
Properties-Peggy Thompson
Jean Ball
Gloria Moseley
Shirley Shaw
Shirley Thompson
Box Office-Esther France
House Manager-Ron Jolly
Publicity-Brian Jolly
Production Assistant-Marjorie Then-Bergh

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