Archives - The Thwarting of Baron Bolligrew

by Robert Bolt

Directed by Keith Thompson and Winifred Butler

Thursday 31st December 1970 – Saturday 9th January 1971 in the Auditorium

A delightful play for children and the young at heart in which Baron Bolligrew and his stupid henchman Blackheart oppress the peasants, especially the egg-painter Obidiah Bobblenob. See how Sir Oblong Fitz-Oblong, aided by a magpie, thwarts the Baron and a magician with hilarious consequences.

Part of the Barn’s 1970/1971 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


The Storyteller-Vaughan Meyrick
The Duke-George Blee
Sir Digby Vayne-Trumpington-Peter Hogan
Sir Graceless Strongbody-Hugh Martin
Sir Percival Smoothely-Smoothie-Chris Charles
Sir Oblong Fitz-Oblong-Stanley Meyrick
Juniper-Richard Holder-Vale
Dashwood-Richard Farlie
Jasper, 15th Baron Bolligrew-David Shaw
Squire Blackheart-Ron Jolly
Corporal-Keith Pinhorne
Lord Mayor-John Essery
Obidiah Bobblenob-Peter Hogan
Magpie-Richard Keown
Dr Moloch-Tina Jolly
Mazeppa-John Cunningham
The Dragon-Brenda Newey
James Maxwell
The Peasants-Joanna Croydon
Richard Farlie
Ian Johnston
Sherie Stubbs
Celia Thompson
Deborah Thompson
Paula Vincent
Joan Wilson
The Town Band-Carol Ball
Jeremy Foxon
Roger Knights
Julia Wilson
Susan Moseley

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