Archives - The Wolf

by Ferenc Molnar

Directed by Lelia Kershaw

Friday 5th – Saturday 13th January 1996 in the Auditorium

Set in fashionable Budapest in February 1912, this amusing play tells the story of a jealous husband’s obsessive love for his beautiful young wife. He imagines every man who comes near her to be a potential Don Juan, and a chance meeting with a childhood boyfriend in a restaurant and the discovery of a letter fan the flames of his suspicion. In a prophetic dream the wife sees the erstwhile suitor in the four guises in which he said he might return to her, thus confirming her husband’s worst fears. The reality proves different from the dream, but the wife profits from both.

Part of the Barn’s 1995/1996 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club

Creative team

Director-Lelia Kershaw
Stage Manager-Louis Davis
Assistant Stage Manager-Deborah Smith
Vaughan Meyrick
Set Design-Clyde Wilson
Set Construction-Clyde Wilson
Properties-Kay Coppock
Lisa Wilson
Décor-Caroline Harper
Costume-Phoebe Johnson
Irene Gill
Lighting-John Cude
Chris Brown
Sound-Harold Jennings
Production Secretary-Joan Wilson

Restaurant Chairs and Linen from Jaspers of Harpenden

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