Archives - Twelfth Night

by William Shakespeare

Directed by Eric Chorley

Saturday 2nd – Saturday 9th February 1980 in the Auditorium

First performed before the Queen on 6 January, 1601, this delightful light-hearted comedy reflects the happy disorder of Elizabethan Twelfth Nights when the ‘Lord of Misrule’ encouraged young people to make fun of the pomposity of their elders; when the self-important were brought low and the humble, for a few hours, exalted. “Feste rules OK” as we might now put it.

Part of the Barn’s 1979/1980 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Orsino-Brian Carman
Valentine-Nick Foster
Curio-Michael Mason
Olivia-Alison Stenlake
Malvolio-George Blee
Feste-John Lloyd
Fabian-Colin Bell
Maria-Elizabeth Evans
Sir Toby Belch-Peter Gardiner
Sir Andrew Aguecheek-Peter Farrell
Viola-Jan Sayer
Sebastian-Paul Mulrennan
Antonio-Tony Cole-Hamilton
A Sea Captain-Peter Thomas
Ladies-in-waiting-Heather Freeman
Sarah-Jean Couzens
Lucy Teather
Sailor / Priest-Robert Hayes

Creative team

Director-Eric Chorley
Assistant Producers-Lilian Allman
Carole Couzens
Musical Director-Ray Aspey
Music Composed-Ray Aspey
John Lloyd
Stage Manager-Brian Moseley
Assistant Stage Managers-Miriam Hill
Roger Bury
Set Designer-Colin Childs
Set Construction-Harrold Muncey
Roger Langley
Members of The Barn Theatre Club
Lighting-Simon Turner
Sound-Harold Jennings
Wardrobe-Heather Freeman
Jean Endean
Property Mistresses-Hazel Muncey
Joan Parsons
Production Secretaries-Wendy Bowen
Sylvia Townend
Prompters-Jean Hewitt
Sylvia Townend
Choreographer-Deborah Thompson

Madrigal by The Phoenix Singers. Costumes from The Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford upon Avon. Mr Mulrennan’s Hair by Hair Now. Wigs by Wig Creations. Swords by Bapty

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