Archives - 73rd WGC Youth Drama Festival

Monday 6th – Saturday 11th March 2017 in the Auditorium

The very best of youth drama from Hertfordshire and the Home Counties

A wonderful week of entertaining, dramatic competition that attracts around 250 young people from Hertfordshire and its adjoining counties. They compete for various awards for junior and senior sections. There are two or three short (one-act) plays each night. The teams must adhere to the festival rules and will be awarded marks by a professional adjudicator for acting, production, stage presentation and dramatic achievement.

Adjudicator:  Alan Haslett, GoDA


MONDAY 6th MARCH – 7.00pm (NB Earlier time)

Barn Errol (J) "Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon" - Don Zolidis

Beaumont School (J) "Arbeit Macht Frei" - Paul King

Richard Hale School (S) "Punk Rock" - Simon Stephens

Phoenix YTC (S) - "Sweeney Todd" - C G Bond

TUESDAY 7th MARCH – 7.30pm

Limitless Academy of Performing Arts (J) "Kilmainham Kids" - Paul Sherman

Barnwell School Upper (S) "Signed to Serve" - Devised verbatim

Best Theatre Arts (S) "Just" - Ali Smith

WEDNESDAY 8th MARCH – 7.30pm

Company of Teens (S) "The School Film" - Patrick Marber

Stagefright (S) "The Murder of Red Riding Hood" - Andra Bishop

Best Theatre Arts (S) "Laugh Now" - Devised

THURSDAY 9th MARCH – 7.30pm

The Archer Academy (J) "The Fear of Missing Out" - Devised

The Archer Academy (S) "100" (edited) - Petterle, Monaghan & Heimann

Barn Hermes (S) "Cagebirds" - David Campton

FRIDAY 10th MARCH – 7.30pm

Barnwell School Middle (J) "Paris" - Devised verbatim

Limitless Academy of Performing Arts (S) "The Musicians" - Patrick Marber

Barn Hermes (S) "Spring Awakening" - Frank Wedekind


2.30pm (Matinee)

Swavesey Youth Theatre (S) "What Are They Like" - Lucinda Coxon

St Francis College (J) "Deeds Not Words" - Charlotte McDermott

Chancellor's School (J) "DNA" - Dennis Kelly

7.00pm (NB Earlier time)

Haberdashers' Aske's School for Girls (J) "Scheherazade" - Jeni Whittaker

Chancellor's School (S) "Two" - Jim Cartwright

Award ceremony

See for more details.


Monday 6th – Saturday 11th March 2017

Monday 6th March7.00pmNB: Earlier time!
Tuesday 7th March7.30pm 
Wednesday 8th March7.30pm 
Thursday 9th March7.30pm 
Friday 10th March7.30pm 
Saturday 11th March2.30pm 
Saturday 11th March7.00pmNB: Earlier time!

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