Archives - 84 Charing Cross Road

by Helene Hanff
Adapted by James Roose-Evans

Directed by Lesley Valler

Saturday 20th – Saturday 27th September 1986 in the Auditorium

A delicately moving drama based on the correspondence between Helene Hanff and a London bookshop, Marks & Co.

This is to be made into a film starring Anthony Hopkins and Anne Bancroft.

Part of the Barn’s 1986/1987 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Helene Hanff-Marilyn Simons
Frank Doel-John Lloyd
Cecily Farr-Jane Pennett
Megan Wells-Anne Woolmington
Mr Martin-Ilay Martin
William Humphries-Stephen Wilson
Maxine Stuart-Victoria Rive
Joan Todd-Diana Holt
Postman-Steve Thompson
Thomas-Steve Thompson

Creative team

Director-Lesley Valler
Stage Manager-Robert Gill
Assistant Stage Managers-Heather Palmer
Jonathan Gill
Set Design- Grant
Set Construction-Clyde Wilson
Stephen Wilson
Set Painting-David Valler
Lighting-Louis Davis
Sound-Tony Mason
Carole Muscroft
Beryl Blatherwick
Properties-Janine Ridgeley
Belinda Putley
Sylvia Townend
Maureen Gilmour
Special Properties-Isla Petch
Costumes-Juliet Lloyd
Prompter-Janet Lloyd
Backstage Refreshments-Dorothy Otterburn
Production Secretary-Sylvia Pepper

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