Archives - A Blaze of Glory

by Clive Wiseman

Directed by Eric Chorley

Saturday 27th March – Saturday 3rd April 1982 in the Auditorium

Life could have been so pleasant for Chris, self-confessed genius and author of children’s books if only Caroline, his secretary (among other things) hadn’t decided to blackmail him, if his mother-in-law hadn’t been his publisher, if Arthur, the world’s worst butler, hadn’t refused to mind his own business and if the sculptress (which every good plot needs) hadn’t drunk too much.


  • Hertford - April
    • Unplaced

Part of the Barn’s 1981/1982 season and a festival entry

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Arthur-Clive Wiseman
Chris Whitham-Jonathan Brill
Mrs Daggleby-Lilian Allman
Caroline Cox-Maria Skako
Joan Whitham-Janet While
Jeffrey Paterson-Coine-Dave Davis
Aunt Dot-Isla Petch
Stretcher Bearers-Tony Iliffe
Harrold Muncey

Creative team

Director-Eric Chorley
Stage Manager-Harrold Muncey
Assistant Stage Managers-Tony Iliffe
Brian Moseley
Set Design-Clyde Wilson
Set Construction-Clyde Wilson
Stephen Wilson
Dave Goodall
Members of The Barn Theatre Club
Lighting-Tony Iliffe
Sue Dixon
Sound-Harold Jennings
Properties-Heather Freeman
Kris Moore
Deborah Thompson
Furry Toys-Isla Petch
Wardrobe-Jean Endean
Prompter-Barbara King
Production Secretary-Sylvia Pepper

Furniture loaned by Woolco of Hatfield

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