Archives - A Christmas Carol

by Charles Dickens

Directed by Mark O'Sullivan

Saturday 22nd December 2001 – Saturday 5th January 2002 in the Auditorium

A sparkling new version of an old favourite — skinflint Scrooge’s conversion to Christmas goodwill provides seasonal enjoyment for all the family.

Part of the Barn’s 2001/2002 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Theatre Manager-John Davies
Charles Dickens-Keith Thompson
Angry Mother-Dot Lutkin
Ebenezer Scrooge-Jack Wood
Policeman-Brian Kent
Shopkeeper-Mike Smith
Fred, Scrooge’s Nephew-Carl Westmoreland
Bob Cratchit-David Thompson
First Gentleman-Roger Wallsgrove
Second Gentleman-Bryan Rycroft
Carol Singer-Jack Swanson
Rowan Baker
Young Mr Buckworthy-Kyle Lytton
Marley’s Ghost-Eric Chorley
Ghost of Christmas Past-Elisabeth George
Young Master Jobe-Ross Wilcox
Luke Hudson
Young Miss Pearl-Rosie Swanson
Amy Dawson
Schoolmaster-Mike Smith
Young Master Scrooge-Jack Swanson
Rowan Baker
Fan, Scrooge’s Sister-Emily Duffell
Emerald Lutkin
Fezziiwig-Bryan Rycroft
First Miss Fezziwig-Kate Lovell
Second Miss Fezziwig-Katy Allistone
Third Miss Fezziwig-Naomi Davis
Young Ebenezer-Tim Davis
Dick Wilkins-Kyle Lytton
Miss Belle-Cherry Casey
Cook-Joan Goodwin
Fan’s Husband-David Thompson
Belle’s Daughter-Gabby Thompson
Emma Burman
Belle’s Husband-David Thompson
Ghost of Christmas Present-John Davies
Topper-Roger Wallsgrove
Sara, Fred’s Wife-Sharon Stratton
Raucous Lady at Party-Dot Lutkin
Other Party Guests-Mike Smith
Tanya Turton
Sybil Thompson
Mrs Cratchit-Christine Mackinven
Peter Cratchit-Ross Wilcox
Luke Hudson
Belinda Cratchit-Clara Bagenal George
Laura Burman
Martha Cratchit-Laura Fisher
Anna Baker
Tiny Tim Cratchit-Gabby Thompson
Emma Burman
Undertaker’s man-Brian Kent
Charwoman-Sybil Thompson
Laundress-Joan Goodwin
First City Businessman-Roger Wallsgrove
Second City Businessman-Bryan Rycroft
Third City Businessman-John Davies
Fourth City Businessman-Mike Smith
Fifth City Businessman-David Thompson
Old Joe-Bryan Rycroft
Mrs Buckworthy-Kate Lovell
Boy in Street-Simon Cox
Flower Seller-Tanya Turton
Blind Beggar-Bryan Rycroft
The Shade of Ignorance-Jack Swanson
Rowan Baker
The Shade of Want-Rosie Swanson
Amy Dawson
The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come-Tim Davis
School Children, Passers-by, Party Guests and Dancers-Geoff Little
Stuart Reeves
Members of The Company

Creative team

Director-Mark O'Sullivan
Set Design-John Lloyd
Lighting Design-Simon Wallace
Sound Design-James Rowles
Stage Manager-Paul Molyneux
Assistant Stage Manager-Stuart Reeves
Prompter-Joan Wilson
Gill Millinger
Lighting Operator-Jon Vivash
Sound Assistant-Sarah Robinson
Wardrobe-Dawn Cartwright
Wardrobe Assistant-Geoff Little
Property Mistress-Linda Yare
Property Assistant-Simon Cox
Make-up, Special Effects-Vanessa Baker
Production Gofer-Tina Jolly
Production Manager-Mary Cox

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