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by Shelagh Delaney

Directed by Jon Brown

Friday 20th – Saturday 28th September 2013 in the Auditorium

A classic play with irrepressible characters…gritty, honest and poignant.

A Taste of HoneyA Taste of Honey centres on Jo, a feisty young working-class teenager living with her ambivalent mother Helen in 1950’s Salford. They live together in a disreputable part of town; Helen constantly looking for a way out of the drudgery she finds herself in. When she decides to marry wealthy young Peter, her daughter is left on her own in the flat. At the same time, Jo falls in love with a black sailor, Jimmy. When he returns to sea the now pregnant Jo moves in with homosexual acquaintance Geoffrey, who assumes the role of surrogate father to her unborn child. However, her domestic routine is brought into doubt when Helen returns.

This character-led play is gritty, funny and moving and tackles issues such as race, poverty, sexual orientation and class; all revolutionary at the time Delaney wrote it.
Director Jon Brown will be bringing a freshness and a new energy to this classic piece of theatre, written by 19-year old Delaney and at a time when theatre was being controversially revolutionised by a new wave of young angry writers. It was a hugely important and ground-breaking period in British theatre, and one that would shape the direction of theatre for many years to come.

Prepare to be transported back into the mind-set of 1950’s Northern Britain, and into the world of these irrepressible characters, who’s type still exist in today’s world.


Tickets are now available for just £11. Buy online or contact the Box Office.


Special thanks to Greg Breden for the original music used in this production.

Part of the Barn’s 2013/2014 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club

Creative team

Director-Jon Brown
Stage Manager-Robert Gill
Production Manager-Fiona Carter
Set Design-Rosemary Bianchi
Jon Brown
Set Construction-Eric Farlie
Norman Merry
David Fairhurst
Keith Lambert
Agnelo Menezes
Eddie Washington
Robert Gill
Set Decoration-Rosemary Bianchi
Sophie Goodison
Lighting-Nick Mogg
Sound-James Rowles
Properties-Alisha Tomlin
Barbara Foster
Wardrobe-Margaret Wallace
Marieli Tyrrell
Assistant Stage Manager-Heather Gill
Original Music-Greg Breden
Rehearsal Prompt-Joan Goodwin
Poster Photography-Simon Wallace
Publicity and Production Photography-John Davies

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Friday 20th – Saturday 28th September 2013

Friday 20th September8.00pm 
Saturday 21st September8.00pm 
Monday 23rd September8.00pm 
Tuesday 24th September8.00pm 
Wednesday 25th September8.00pm 
Thursday 26th September8.00pm 
Friday 27th September8.00pm 
Saturday 28th September2.30pmMatinée
Saturday 28th September8.00pm 

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