Archives - Antony and Cleopatra

by William Shakespeare

Directed by Simon Turner

Friday 29th April – Saturday 7th May 1994 in the Auditorium

Full of rich and beautiful poetry, this is Shakespeare’s magnificent account of the turbulent and ill-fated affair between history’s most famous middle-aged lovers. It is a story of a contest for the world, overwhelmed by a tempestuous love affair that dragged mighty armies and navies after it like toys. Encompassing the whole of the historic world, it is a wonderful compelling and epic tale of passion, treachery and self-destruction, dominated by the outrageous Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt.


  • Felixstowe Festival - 29th May
    • Placed First
    • Best Presentation
    • Best Director for Simon Turner

Part of the Barn’s 1993/1994 season and a festival entry

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Antony-Dick Breeze
Enobarbus-Jack Wood
Eros-Chris Pearson
Canidius-Michael Barr
Scarus-Keith Bridgeman
Euphronis-Neil Gill
Dercetus-Keith Price
Soldier-Gavin Palmer
Cleopatra-Jan Sayer
Chairman-Siobhán Hill Elam
Iras-Erica Hawken
Mardian-Paul Silver
Alexas-Bryce MacGill
Lamprius-Ron Thomas
Messenger-Chris Harper
Diomedes-Rob Wallace
Octavius Cæsar-Steve Thompson
Mæcenas-Will Smith
Proculeius-Chris Bishop
Dolabella-Tony Powell
Thidias-Keith Thompson
Guards-Nick Jackson
David Dundon
Lepidus-David Thompson
Menas-Rob Wallace
Servant-James Barker

Creative team

Director-Simon Turner
Design-Eric Farlie
Lighting Design-Trevor Wallace
Sound-Paul Jennings
Choreography-Wendy Cook
Stage Manager-Brenda Newey
Deputy Stage Manager-Simon Wallace
Assistant Stage Manager-Madeleine Palmer
Vaughan Meyrick
Wardrobe-Sybil Thompson
Irene Gill
Properties-Alex Powell
Set Construction-Pat Finch
Eric Farlie
Production Secretary-Shirley Thompson

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