Archives - Bedroom Farce

by Alan Ayckbourn

Directed by David Thompson

Friday 26th March – Saturday 3rd April 1999 in the Auditorium

Bedroom Farce is the story of one hectic, hilarious night with Ayckbourn at his brilliant best — exploring as ever with pinpoint accuracy and humour the sexual and other stresses of middle-class life.

The action passes between the bedrooms of three married couples. These bedrooms jointly occupy the stage (a considerable challenge at the Barn, for a start!). Ernest and Della are preparing to go out to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Malcolm and Kate are preparing for a housewarming party. Nick and Jan should be there but Nick has hurt his back and is preparing to rest up in bed.

All three bedrooms are visited in turn by Trevor (Ernest and Delia’s son) and Susannah, who have marital problems. Chaos reigns everywhere in their wake!

Part of the Barn’s 1998/1999 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club

Creative team

Director-David Thompson
Set Design- Grant
Lighting Design-Eric Farlie
Stage Manager-Nigel Rive
Assistant Stage Manager-Martyn Jones
Set Construction- Grant
Andy Baker
Martyn Jolly
Paul Molyneux
John Goodwin
Lighting Operator-James Rowles
Sound and Effects-Daniel Willcox
Helen Woolley
Nick Mogg
Set Décor-Kris Moore
Janet While
Properties-Belinda Putley
Jean Amato
Wardrobe-Irene Gill
Jan Westgarth
Prompter-Gill Millinger
Production Secretary-Sybil Thompson

Sponsored by Housemaster

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