Archives - Billy Liar

by Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall

Directed by Yvana Reeves

Friday 23rd – Saturday 31st January 2009 at 8pm in the Auditorium

Billy Fisher weaves a world of his own out of his daydreams. This lazy incurable liar tries to escape his dull job as an undertaker's clerk by creating a fantasy life. Reality is complicated by the two girls he is simultaneously engaged to, and the arrival of the one he really loves.

Billy Liar by Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall - PosterBilly Liar by Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall - Poster


Part of the Barn’s 2008/2009 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Florence Boothroyd-Anne Woolmington
Alice Fisher-Siobhán Hill Elam
Geoffrey Fisher-Mike Smith
Billy Fisher-Jude Kerswill
Arthur Crabtree-Jack Gatier
Barbara-Lauren Poulter
Rita-Naomi Hale
Liz-Amy Dawson

Creative team

Director-Yvana Reeves
Production Assistant-Joan Wilson
Stage Manager-Robert Gill
Assistant Stage Manager-Heather Gill
Will Blyth
Set Design-Eric Farlie
Set Construction Manager-Paul Molyneux
Set Construction-Eric Farlie
Jim Rousell
Lighting Designer-Derek Palmer
Lighting Operator-Shirley Shaw
Sound Designer-Rob Wallace
Costumes-Wendy Bage
Tina Jolly
Properties-Barbara Foster
Tina Jolly
Set Dressing-Kris Moore
Sophie Bowman
Prompt-Gill Millinger
Photography-Tim Lee
Hair-Diane Pickard
Set Decor-Keith Thompson
Jim Rousell
Pat Finch
Kevin Dinnin
Bernard Usher
Assistant Production Secretary-Janet Chapman

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