Archives - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Adapted by Richard George

Directed by Chris Bruce

Thursday 21st – Sunday 31st December 2006 in the Auditorium

The weird and wacky Willy Wonka opens the doors of his chocolate factory to the most gruesome of creatures - children. But there's something worse...their parents. When the five Golden Tickets are found, this simple tale unfolds into a modern allegory on greed, obnoxiousness and bad parenting. Roald Dahl's tale is an old one yet says much about our world today. This exciting production promises a mix of music, song and visual spectacle with the rather dark edge that Dahl is famous for. Oh, and the odd child may well get sucked up a big tube of molten-hot chocolate. Well, let's hope so!

Part of the Barn’s 2006/2007 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club

Creative team

Director-Chris Bruce
Assistant Director-Lauren Christy
Set Design-Bernard Usher
Poster Design-Grace Ward
Front of House Display-Clare Christy
Set Builder-Paul Molyneux
Pat Finch
Norman Merry
Martyn Jolly
Set Painting-Bernard Usher
Robert Barton
John Moyneux
Tallan Cameron
Members of The Barn Theatre Club
Stage Manager-Robert Gill
Deputy Stage Manager-Heather Gill
Assistant Stage Manager-Tallan Cameron
Andrew Whyment
Sam Underwood
Phil Christy
Prompt-Joan Goodwin
Gill Millinger
Sound-Tristan Cameron
Tallan Cameron
Lighting Design/Operator-John Cude
Lighting Operator-Josh Stewart
Wardrobe Mistress-Lou Underwood
Wardrobe-Chris Ewer
Mary Molyneux
Emily Ewer
Animals and Puppets-Eva Watkins
Properties-Denise Duffy
Emma Absolon
Jean Amato
Hedone Faulkner
Charlie Irving
Production Assistant-Tina Jolly


Musical Director-Rachel Dawson
Music Composer-Rachel Dawson
Tristan Cameron
Additional Lyrics-Chris Bruce
Tristan Cameron
Lauren Christy
Rachel Dawson
Peter Dawson
Musician-Rachel Dawson
Tom Dawson

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Thursday 21st – Sunday 31st December 2006

Thursday 21st December8.00pm 
Friday 22nd December8.00pm 
Saturday 23rd December2.30pm 
Saturday 23rd December8.00pm 
Sunday 24th December2.30pm 
Wednesday 27th December2.30pm 
Wednesday 27th December8.00pm 
Thursday 28th December8.00pm 
Friday 29th December8.00pm 
Saturday 30th December2.30pm 
Saturday 30th December8.00pm 
Sunday 31st December2.30pm 

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