Archives - Cinderella

by Trevor Wallace

Directed by Trevor Wallace

Saturday 17th – Saturday 31st December 2011 in the Auditorium

A fun-filled pantomime for all the family!

There once was a widower who remarried. His second wife was ill-natured, and she had two daughters who were just as unpleasant as their mother. The man had a beautiful, gentle daughter of his own, and she was soon to become the servant of her evil step-mother and step-sisters. They made her do all the chores around the house, and she was named Cinderella, after the cinders she swept out of the fireplace.

The King needed to find a queen for his Prince, so he threw a huge ball. The evil step-mother and step-sisters were invited, but Cinderella was not allowed to go. After they left, Cinderellaís fairy godmother appeared and changed her dirty rags into a beautiful gown with glass slippers. Next the fairy godmother changed a pumpkin into a coach and some mice into footmen. Before Cinderella left, the fairy godmother warned her to be home before midnight, because the spell would only last till then.

Cinderella was a hit at the ball. The prince fell in love with her and asked her name. Just then the clock struck midnight, and Cinderella ran away. How would the Prince find Cinderella?


Tickets are on sale now for just £10.

School groups pay only £5 per seat. Teachers interested in booking seats should contact our Education Coordinators Cindy Lawford and Elliot Brown Contact education team to find out about available workshops and talks on the play.

The running time for this production is approximately 2hrs 10 minutes (including the interval).

Part of the Barn’s 2011/2012 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Saturday 17th – Saturday 31st December 2011

Saturday 17th December2.30pmMatinée
Sunday 18th December2.30pmMatinée
Monday 19th December8.00pm 
Tuesday 20th December8.00pm 
Thursday 22nd December8.00pm 
Friday 23rd December8.00pm 
Saturday 24th December2.30pmMatinée
Tuesday 27th December2.30pmMatinée
Wednesday 28th December8.00pm 
Thursday 29th December8.00pm 
Friday 30th December2.30pmMatinée
Saturday 31st December2.30pmMatinée

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