Clive George



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February 2006

An Ideal Husband

Party Guest


November 2001

Pass the Butler



December 2000


PC Pong


April 2000

Julius Cæsar

A Cobbler / Publius / Pindarus


November 1999

Tons of Money

James Chesterman, a solicitor


January 1999

Wyrd Sisters

Chamberlain, Demon, Witch 3


March 1998

Out of Order



April 1997

Quartermaine’s Terms

Henry Windscape


September 1996

Habeas Corpus

Sir Percy Shorter, KCB


February 1996

It Runs in the Family

Sir Willoughby Drake


October 1995

See How They Run

The Bishop of Lax


January 1995

The Beggar’s Opera

Matt of the Mint


November 1993

The Cherry Orchard

Gayev (Leon)


January 1993

It Wasn’t Casablanca

Unknown character


October 1992

Single Spies



October 1991

Happy Families

Jack Hickman


May 1991


Count Franz Orsini-Rosenburg