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by Alan Ayckbourn

Directed by John Davies

Friday 25th April – Saturday 3rd May 2003 in the Auditorium

It’s the year 2014, there’s a civil war in London, and a 70-year old client gives high-class hooker Poopay an unpleasant surprise.

A comedy thriller involving suspense, time travel, and a happy ending for everyone but the villain.

…pastiche Psycho and time warp comedy…Ayckbourn at his most devilishly ingenious.


Part of the Barn’s 2002/2003 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Julian-Dick Breeze
‘Poopay’ (Phoebe)-Natalie Gordon
Reece-Anthony Gordon
Ruella-Victoria Rive
Harold-Brian Stewart
Jessica-Linda Vincent

Creative team

Director-John Davies
Set Design-Bernard Usher
Lighting Design-Eric Farlie
Sound Design-Simon Humphries
Set Construction-Paul Molyneux
Martyn Jolly
Pat Finch
Set Decoration-Keith Thompson
Carolyn Annand
Lighting Operator-Ross Wilcox
Sound Operator-Stuart Reeves
Adam Lake
Prompter-Carole Dale
Stage Manager-Nigel Rive
Assistant Stage Manager-Mike Smith
Paul Molyneux
Properties-Sharon Jolly
Hedone Faulkner
Upholstery-Angela Reiss
Wardrobe-Janet While
Tiffany While
Production Secretary-Sylvia Townend

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