Archives - Dangerous Corner

by J B Priestley

Directed by Jo Davies

Saturday 13th – Saturday 20th October 1984 in the Auditorium

The is one of Priestley’s “Time” plays. A type of whodunit with an incredibly complex plot, very cleverly constructed, with one daring twist after another and a final stunning conjuring trick. Beneath the surface there is an intricate web of tangled relationships and emotions rising from one revelation to the next in a crescendo of dramatic surprises.

Who forged the cheque? How did Caplan die? How many visitors did he have during his last few hours? Who is protecting whom and why? Finally… did it all really happen?

Part of the Barn’s 1984/1985 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Robert Caplan-George Blee
Freda Caplan-Marilyn Simons
Gordon Whitehouse-David Valler
Betty Whitehouse-Hazel Halliday
Charles Stanton-Brian Carman
Olwen Peel-Jennifer Riley
Miss Mockridge-Janet While

Creative team

Director-Jo Davies
Set Builder-Colin Childs
Set Builders-Norman Merry
Steven Wilson
Lydia Cole
Lighting-Tony Iliffe
Pamela Gibson
Sound-Harold Jennings
Prompter-Beryl Blatherwick
Stage Manager-Ken Coppock
Assistant Stage Managers-John Riley
Norma Webber
Furniture-Kris Moore
Properties-Elaine Davies
Costumes-Anne Classey
Production Secretary-Pat Walsh
Production Assistant-Dorothy Otterburn

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