Archives - Howard Katz

by Patrick Marber

Directed by Steve Thompson

Friday 6th – Saturday 14th June 2008 at 8pm in the Auditorium

An award-winning dark comedy of despair and desparation.

Howard Katz is falling apart. He doesn't see it coming. He lurches from being a hot showbiz agent into a giant, foul-mouthed menopausal crisis. The worst part of it is Howard can no longer lie — he feels compelled to tell his clients the truth now: 'You have no talent'... 'You're all cynical peddlers of shite'... 'Eat some food, you look like a skull on a stick!'.

Howard Katz by Patrick Marber - PosterHoward Katz by Patrick Marber - Poster


Part of the Barn’s 2007/2008 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Howard Katz-Danny Swanson
Jo/Mr Lord/Orderly/Lou-Godfrey Marriott
Norm/Greg/Martin/Inspector-Simon Mitelman
Bern/Jim/Guard/Fred/Pitboss-Andy Nash
Ellie/May/Linda-Jan Palmer Sayer
Jess/Viv/Tina/Mother/Manager-Julia Riley
Nat/Marcia/Cheryl/Dealer-Lorna Thompson
Bellboy/Felix-Ryan Thomas
Ollie/Boy-George Underwood

Creative team

Director-Steve Thompson
Stage Manager-Janet Lloyd
Lighting Designer-Eric Farlie
Set Design-Eric Farlie
Properties-Denise Duffy
Sheila Grimmant
Costumes-Lou Underwood
Lighting Operator-Shirley Shaw
Prompt-Carole Dale
Production Secretary-Shirley Thompson

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