Archives - Journey’s End

by R C Sherriff

Directed by Beth Maxwell

Saturday 2nd – Saturday 9th March 1991 in the Auditorium

March 1918. A young officer, straight from school, takes his place in the British front line in Northern France. He is keen to ‘do his bit’ for King and Country and to fight alongside his boyhood hero who commands the company. But he is soon to learn the grim reality of life in the trenches and he and his fellow officers must each find a way of coping with the desperate situation in which they find themselves, as the German army prepares to launch its last great offensive of the First World War.

A penetrating and intensely human drama.

Part of the Barn’s 1990/1991 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Captain Hardy-David Harrold
Lieutenant Osborne-Ron Thomas
2nd Lieutenant Raleigh-Steve Thompson
Private Mason-Graham Showell
Captain Stanhope-David Maxwell
2nd Lieutenant Trotter-Chris Gill
2nd Lieutenant Hibbert-James Harper
The Colonel-Desmond Harper
German Soldier-Simon Peers
British Soldiers-Rob Wallace
Oliver Bage

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