Archives - Key For Two

by John Chapman and Dave Freeman

Directed by Dick Breeze

Friday 31st January – Saturday 8th February 1997 in the Auditorium

In this wickedly funny play sexy Harriet solves her money problems by “entertaining” not one but two gentlemen callers on different days of the week. Her scheme is severely compromised when…

  • her friend Anna arrives at the flat hotly pursued by her drunken husband
  • lover number one is confined to Harriet’s bed with a sprained ankle
  • lover number two arrives back unexpectedly
  • both the lovers’ wives arrive at the flat in search of their itinerant husbands

The confusion that ensues builds to a rich complexity of mistaken identity, splendidly farcical situations and a climax of comic wizardry…

Part of the Barn’s 1996/1997 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club

Creative team

Director-Dick Breeze
Set Design-Sue Walters
Lighting Design-Louis Davis
Sound-David Shaw
Wardrobe-Anne Classey
Stage Manager-Lisa Wilson
Assistant Stage Manager-Jimmy Wong
Prompter-Irene Gill
Properties-Belinda Putley
Jean Amato
Lighting Operation-Shirley Shaw
Set Construction-Ian Bage
Brian Duffy
Brian Moseley
Harrold Muncey
Len Price
John Walters
Production Secretary-Sybil Thompson

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