Lawrence Wheatley



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March 1986

Vivat, Vivat Regina

De Quadre / Philip of Spain


January 1986

The Farndale Macbeth

Mr Plummer


October 1985

Sauce For The Goose

Hotel Manager


March 1985

Irma La Douce

Policeman, Clients, Warders, Lawyers etc.


February 1984

Murder on the Nile

Dr Bessner


November 1983


William R Chumley MD


January 1983

The Ghost Train

Herbert Price


November 1981

The Balcony

The Bishop


October 1981




June 1980

The Man without a Name



December 1979

The Dickens Christmas Carol Show

Gerry Christopher / Merchants / Singers, Guests, Wraiths,…


April 1979

The Winter’s Tale



December 1978

A View From The Bridge



March 1978

The Caucasian Chalk Circle

Members of the Cast


December 1977

Heartbreak House

Captain Shotover (Rtd)


April 1977

The Merchant of Venice

Old Gobbo


December 1976

Move Over Mrs Markham

Walter Pangbourne


January 1976

Knock for Knock

Uncle Philip


January 1975

The Wizard of Oz

Uncle Henry