Archives - Love on the Dole

by Ronald Gow
and Walter Greenwood

Directed by Simon Turner
Music arranged and played by Peter Perry

Friday 10th – Saturday 11th August 1984 at 7.30pm in the Auditorium

Faced with a decision that could ensure her family’s survival, what price will Sally have to pay?

First presented in 1931, Love on the Dole follows the struggles of Sally Hardcastle and her family during the Great Depression that grips the North. Struggling to make ends meet, and with her family facing an uncertain future, Sally is faced with a decision that could ensure her family’s survival, but at the inevitable price of her own happiness.

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Presented by The Barn Theatre Youth Groups


Sally Hardcastle-Donna Roche
Mrs Hardcastle-Caron Huxley
Larry Meath-Danny Swanson
Harry Hardcastle-Paul Brown
Mr Hardcastle-Neil Richardson
Mrs Jike-Lisa Swanson
Mrs Dorbell-Cerin Gaydon
Mrs Bull-Jane Pennett
Doyle-Mark Lingwood
Mrs Doyle-Lisa Swanson
Policeman-Daniel Cartmale
Helen Hawkins-Celia Mason
Newsboy-Gary Hall
Sam Grundy-Sandy Underwood
Charlie-Richard Cook
O'Leary-Mark Lingwood

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