Archives - Macbeth

by William Shakespeare

Directed by David Harrold

Friday 21st March – Tuesday 1st April 2003 in the Auditorium

Great tragedy or bloodthirsty thriller? No-one can come away from this play unmoved by the drama of two people, not essentially wicked, who succumb to the temptation to commit a great crime.

Forgetting witches and ancient Celtic clichés, it is a play that is timeless in its understanding of violent societies, ambition and guilt.

Part of the Barn’s 2002/2003 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Duncan/Old Seyward/Old Man-Jack Wood
Malcolm-Daniel Farrand
Donalbain/Young Seyward-Joe Hogan
Macbeth-Chris Janes
Banquo-Keith Bridgeman
Macduff-David Thompson
Lennox-Martyn Jolly
Ross-Marcus Taverner
Angus/Third Murderer-Norman Reynolds
Fleance-Ross Wilcox
Son of Macbeth-Gabby Thompson
First Murderer-Keith Thompson
Captain/Second Murderer-Jason Robinson
Porter-George Blee
Old Man-David Harrold
Lady Macbeth-Andrea Brady
Wife of Macduff-Sharon Jolly
Gentlewoman/Messenger-Kayleigh Willson
First Witch-Rina Sondhi
Second Witch/Seyton-Christine Mackinven
Third Witch-Rachel Underhill
Hecate-Wendy Bage
Doctor-Belinda Putley

Creative team

Director-David Harrold
Lighting Design-Trevor Wallace
Sound Design-Keith Price
David Harrold
Set Construction-Pat Finch
Eric Farlie
Puppet/Props Design-Vanessa Baker
Janet While
Eva Watkins
Stage Manager-Martyn Jones
Assistant Stage Manager-Andy Kilminster
Properties-Alex Powell
Sophie Powell
Belinda Putley
Wardrobe-Shirley Thompson
Janet While
Lighting Operation-Stuart Reeves
Sound Operation-James Rowles
Face Painting-Tiffany While
Erica Hawken
Fight Arranger-Mat Richards
Prompt-Carol Monzeglio
Production Assistant-Sylvia Pepper

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